# QuickStart

First, follow the install instructions to install gonogo.

# Bundle Creation

GoNoGo depends on a bundle spec to run its validation. See documenation on creating the bundle spec for more details.

# Running Against a Bundle Spec

Run gonogo check <PATH TO BUNDLE FILE> to begin a check of the addon upgrades against the spec you defined in your bundle.

The resulting output should be a json document with a list of found cluster addons as specified in your bundle file.For each cluster addon in the list, you should see the output of the fields you defined your spec. For example:

 "Addons": [
   "Name": "cert-manager",
   "Versions": {
    "Current": "v1.5.0",
    "Upgrade": "1.7.0"
   "UpgradeConfidence": 0,
   "ActionItems": [
     "ResourceNamespace": "cert-manager",
     "ResourceKind": "Deployment",
     "ResourceName": "cert-manager-cainjector",
     "Title": "Found cert with removed apiversion",
     "Description": "A deprecated or removed annotation was found",
     "Remediation": "Please update your ingress annotations to use the current versions. See https://cert-manager.io/docs/release-notes/release-notes-0.11/ for details",
     "EventType": "",
     "Severity": "0.1",
     "Category": "Reliability"
   "Notes": "",
   "Warnings": [
    "no schema available, unable to validate release"

This indicates that the version of cert-manager running in the cluster falls between versions v1.5.0 and 1.70 and has triggered the OPA check defined in the bundle, which is looking for deprecated or removed annotations.